Uplift Your Soul

Uplift Your Soul Wellbeing Workshop

Do you feel… down, lonely, isolated, disconnected from self, not good enough, hopeless, sad or worthless?

Are you… withdrawing from friends/life, self-loathing, avoiding social interaction, comparing self to others, living in the past or focusing on past events, obsessed with social media, engaging in negative self-talk, emotional eating or craving fulfilment in life?

If any of the above speaks to you, friends, family or loved ones then join me in this intimate Wellbeing Workshop.  This workshop is design to allow participants to connect, learn, heal and grow.

In this Wellbeing Workshop we will be delving into the underlying issues around why you are experiencing negative self-image, feeling not good enough, down, flat, hopeless, sad, isolated, depressive thoughts, negative mindset and feeling disconnected from self and others.

We will dig deep, share stories and learn lots of self-healing techniques, tools and information to assist your healing journey. The focus will be on emotions and the connection these have on the body plus how to use beautiful natural healing remedies such as crystals, essential oils, flower essences, nutrition, affirmations and other beautiful heart connection techniques to uplift and connect you deep into the core of your Soul leaving you feeling light, cheerful, positive, joyful, motivated and connected to self and life.

We will share a cuppa and delicious healthy homemade treats in a relaxed, friendly healing environment while connecting with like-minded souls. Come away with tools, techniques and natural remedies all on a reference chart and a beautiful custom handmade gratitude gift to support your workshop experience and healing to enable you to move forward and embrace life.

This workshop is suitable for anyone in the community who shares a passion in health and wellbeing or who would like to connect with other like-minded souls to rediscover themselves and learn some easy, light-hearted information to further their growth and self-development. No knowledge of healing, kinesiology or muscle testing is required for this workshop.

Absolutely amazing course Denise Robinson it’s achievable and that’s the hardest thing most of the courses around set unachievable goals that very few ever master! I felt connected and comfortable right from the start and feel like a ten tonne weight has dropped off my shoulders! First on my to do list “go buy a kite” thank you so much for a wonderful course and oil!J.G. ~ Uplift Your Soul Wellbeing Workshop participant
Duration: 3 hours
Investment: $165 inc. GST (includes Gratitude Gift valued at $20 and a delicious morning tea)
Pre-requisite: None – Anyone and everyone welcome!

These heart-centred community Wellbeing Workshops are offered through our Mind, Body, Soul Wellbeing Workshop Facilitators, please click below to locate the Facilitator in your local area.


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