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Welcome to the By The Bay Kinesiology Shop

Here you will find details on how to enrol in any of our amazing, uplifting and empowering Kinesiology Courses, Programs, Workshops, Masterclasses and Business Mentoring on offer.

You may also purchase the following items from the Shop:

    1. Emotion Charts ~ Five Element & Meridian, Chakra, Transpersonal Chakra, Aura
    2. Reference Charts ~ Crystal, Unique Crystals, Essential Oil, Colour
    3. Clearing Spray
    4. Chakra & Element Balancing Sprays & Oils
    5. Wellbeing Balancing Oils
    6. Kinesiology Testing Vials
    7. Kinesiology Course Training Manuals
    8. Shamanic Healing Wands & Tools
    9.  Gift Vouchers

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With Passion, Harmony, Love and Gratitude ~ Denise