Shelley O’Garey ~ Kinesiologist

Shelley O’Garey is a passionate and dedicated advocate for kinesiology, natural therapies and energetic medicine.

Shelley first experienced kinesiology as a toddler when she was suffering from skin rashes and bronchitis. Conventional medicine didn’t appear to be helping her body so her father had discovered a chiropractor who had trained in America, the treatment worked successfully and so the kinesiology journey began.

Being born and raised in a coastal country town she has developed a deep appreciation and connection to the environment and a deep love of connecting to people. Health and nutrition have always been a passion for Shelley as has her love of dance, yoga, pilates and daily meditation and walking.

She began studying and practicing energetic medicines 30 years ago then finally decided to start studying kinesiology after the tragic passing of her father as it appeared to be the only treatment that helped her to process her grief and apparent unexplained physical symptoms arising after his passing. She continued to use kinesiology to overcome the trauma of a home invasion in the middle of the night in which she defended herself and her children that resulted in her developing a sleeping disorder. The final test of her kinesiology practices and spirituality would be the loss of a dear loved one to suicide where she again found that kinesiology was the only thing that helped heal her……and in doing so discovered her life purpose.

Shelley’s connection to spiritual practices and wellness has been a lifelong passion and she brings this into her treatment sessions beautifully with great compassion, love and empathy. She is an absolute warrior for people’s empowerment – spiritually, physically and emotionally. She will hold a sacred space for each client and provide them with nurturing, nourishing, intuitive healings. She will also identify when a client needs to be stretched and challenged.

Shelley treats all ages from young Children, Teenagers to the elderly and specialises in:

  • Recovery from grief
  • Balancing Healthy Lifestyles
  • Mindset motivation
  • Mindfulness/Breathing
  • Raising Consciousness/Happy Children
  • Successful Single Parenting
  • Goal Setting / Achieving



  • Kinesiology Courses
    • Anatomy and Physiology
    • Applied Physiology – Attitude with Essence Workshop
    • Chakra Healing Kinesiology
    • Counselling Kinesiology
    • Emotional Meridian Harmony Kinesiology
    • Mastery of the Five Elements Core Essence and Character
    • Touch for Health 1-4
    • Touch for Health Metaphors
  • Quantum Living Graduate with Dr Epsen
  • Meditation
  • Mindfulness with Depak Chopra
  • First Aid
Kinesiology Session Information ~ Shelley O'Garey

New Client Initial Kinesiology Session ~ 90 minutes ~ $195

Existing By The Bay Kinesiology Client ~ Standard Session ~ 60 minutes ~ $130

Included in the session fee are flower essences if required.

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