Denise’s Soul Nourishing Essentials Pack



Have you ever wondered what Denise’s favourite and essential healing remedies are? Well here are her absolute daily ‘must haves’.

Price $155 | Valued at $180

This Pack includes:

    • 1 x 10ml handmade chi-filled BALANCE AND FLOW WELLBEING BALANCING OIL- Roll bottle on stress areas of the physical body, pulse points, acupressure points and wrists and neck as an aromatic tonic. To read more on our Heart Connection Balancing Oil click here
    • 1 x 100ml handmade chi-filled CLEARING SPRAY – Mist over and around your body or in any space that you would like to clear the energy from. To read more on our Clearing Spray click here
    • 1 x ethically sourced PALO SANTO Stick – Light this Holy wood, then blow out the flame until your stick is smouldering and producing smoke. Move the smoke around your body or space to clear the energy.  To read more on Palo Santo click here
    • 1 x NATURE’S HEALING CHI ORACLE – Awaken and activate your connection with nature and all the wisdom and messages it beholds, after all nature is always talking to you. To read more click here
    • 1 x LIQUID TREE SAP VIAL – Helps maintain your life force and energy and keeps you connected to your essence within. To read more on Liquid Tree Sap click here.
    • 1 x CITRINE CRYSTAL (raw/rough) – Attracts abundance, success, gratitude and positive energy. Brings feeling worthy, deserving, progress, flow and optimism.

Additional information

Weight0.5 kg
Dimensions15 × 5 × 15 cm


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