Shell Energy Cards & Reference Chart Set – Deck of 88 Cards & Reference Chart



This gorgeous deck of 88 Shell Cards and accompanying Shell Energy Reference Chart were loving created and designed by Denise Robinson. Inspired by the captivating beauty and deep symbolism of sea shells, these tools are designed to ignite shifts in your Mind, Body & Soul. This set provides you with the flexibility to use the cards or reference chart together or as stand-alone tools.

Denise’s lifelong love affair with shells inspired the creation of this exquisite card deck, featuring her very own cherished shell collection. Drawing from her extensive experience as a Kinesiology Practitioner, Course Author, Trainer, and Mentor, Denise has seamlessly integrated shells nature’s healing chi energy as powerful tools for healing and balancing the body in her Chakra Healing Kinesiology and Transpersonal Chakra Kinesiology courses. Immerse yourself in a realm of deep symbolism and metaphysical energy with this captivating set.

Card information:

    • 88 Shell Cards
    • Cards and Reference Chart numbered 1-88 for ease of testing
    • Each card has a colour picture with the name of each shell
    • Double-sided cards with alluring ocean floor background image
    • Professionally printed, cut and matt laminated
    • Held together with a large hinged ring for easy flipping
    • Card size: 8 mm wide x 8 mm long
    • Deck depth: 3.5 cm

Chart information:

    • Total 88 Shells
    • Shell cards numbered 1-88 for ease of testing
    • Both the Shell common name, Marine name and Family name are referenced
    • Picture of each shell
    • Symbolism and Metaphysical Energy for each shell
    • General Shell Symbolism and Metaphysical Energy + specific and general questions to ask
    • Size: A4
    • Nine double sided pages (18 pages in total)
    • High quality professionally colour printed & gloss laminated
    • Held together with a hinged ring for easy flipping


    • Quick visual reference guide to each shell
    • Energetically they can be used as a substitute of the actual shell itself by placing the card on the body or in an energy circuit
    • Can use in conjunction with the accompanying Shell Energy Reference Chart to gain insight and depth to a client’s physical symptoms and emotional stressors by establishing the core emotions online
    • Have your client or yourself ‘pick a card’ from the deck and let your higher self guide you to what you need
    • Tap into the client’s subconscious by using muscle reflex testing to determine the most appropriate shell either by testing through the deck of cards or through muscle testing via card number to get to the specific shell to work with in a Kinesiology session, balance, healing or energy clearing.

Perfect resource for:

    • Kinesiology Practitioners & Students
    • Natural Therapists
    • Reiki Practitioners
    • Energy workers
    • Personal use at home
    • Anyone who loves and works with shells!

Shells included:

Abalone / Paua / Ear Shell, Ammonite Fossil, Auger – Black, Auger – Dark Spotted, Auger – Screw / Tower, Bonnet, Clam, Clam – Ark, Clam – Derasa, Clam – Tiger Lucine, Clam – Venus, Cockle, Conch, Conch – Chank, Conch – Dog, Conch – Giant Spider, Conch – Laciniate, Conch – Queen, Cone – Beech, Cone – Fig, Cone – Marbled, Cone – Soldier, Cone – Virgo, Conniwink – Striped-Mouth, Coral, Cowrie, Cowrie – Egg, Cowrie – Money, Cowrie – Tiger, Fairy Land, Fig – Graceful, Frog – Granular, Gomti Chakra, Harp, Jingle, Left-Handed Lightning Whelk, Limpet, Moon Snail, Mother Of Pearl – Saltwater, Mother Of Pearl – South Sea, Mud Whelk, Murex – Endive, Murex – Pear-Shaped Coral, Murex – Pink-Mouth, Murex – Rare-Spined, Murex – Venus Comb, Murex – Woodcock, Mussel, Nerite, Olive, Oyster – Cock’s Comb, Oyster – Pacific, Pacific Vase, Pen, Periwinkle – Prickly, Pheasant, Pipi, Rainforest Snail, Scallop, Scallop – Asian Moon, Scallop – Great / King, Scallop – Lion’s Paw, Scallop – Noble, Scallop – Swift’s, Sea Urchin – Mushroom, Sea Urchin – Pink, Sea Urchin – Purple, Sea Urchin – Sand Dollar, Slit Worm, Spiny Oyster, Spiral Tudicla, Starfish – Common, Starfish – Finger, Starfish – Horned Sea Star, Sun Carrier, Sundial, Tellin – Striped, Tibia – Arabian, Tibia – Spindle, Trochus – Button Top,  Trochus – Maculated Top, Trochus – Pearly Top, Truncated Mangrove, Tun – Spotted, Turban – Green, Turban – Trapdoor / Mermaid Dollar, Volute, Worm Shell

If you are interested in learning more about this chart or how to use shells in healing and Kinesiology, we offer a range of accredited Kinesiology courses as part of our Emotions and Metaphysical Kinesiology modality.

If you are not familiar with Kinesiology and how to muscle test and would like to learn more about this fascinating subject, we offer an empowering two-day beginners Kinesiology course ‘Kineasy Intro Course‘.

Additional information

Weight1 kg
Dimensions31 × 22 × 2 cm


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