Metal Element Balancing Oil



Created and handmade with love and intention by Denise Robinson, this gorgeous aromatic balancing oil, packaged in a cute roller bottle, will assist in balancing, clearing and uplifting the Metal Element within your body and around you in nature. It will connect you to the rhythm of the Autumn season plus align you to your constitutional Element and balance the associated Meridians of Lung & Large Intestine.

Specifically made for the inner soul work, balancing the inner child and aligning all parts of the body to each of nature’s important five elements.


    • Focused on small things
    • Unsettled & find it hard to stop
    • Feeling guilty when asking for support
    • Uncomfortable nurturing self
    • Constantly cleaning, organising & refining things
    • Disconnection from self
    • Seeking perfection
    • Hiding, shielding self, closed off from others
    • Highly self-critical


    • Free breathing, inhaling & exhaling life
    • Ease and calm
    • Releasing of control
    • Letting go of past attachments
    • Spaciousness & clarity within
    • Protection
    • Respect & recognition for self
    • Meaning in life, can see the big picture
    • Deserved rest and balance


    • Grief and guilt that’s hiding underneath and allows you to show and shine your true authentic self.


    • Feeling: Exhaustion
    • Essence: Refine – Respect Ourselves
    • Spirit/Psyches: Po (Physical Soul)
    • Season: Autumn

This 10ml balancing oil is infused with:

    • A Hematite Crystal
    • Clear Jojoba Oil infused with 100% Pure Essential Oils
    • Colour & Sound Therapy
    • Nature’s Healing Chi

Associated Emotions: Anguish, Grief, Guilt, Perfection, Protection, Recognition, Refine, Regret, Respect, Unsettled.

Affirmation: “I love, approve and accept me as I am feeling comfortable in my own skin.”

Simply roll the balancing oil on stress areas of the physical body, pulse points, acupressure points plus wrists and neck as an aromatic tonic. Wear to shift and clear stress, blocks and bring balance and harmony to the Element.

If you would like to know more about the Five Elements or Constitutions, this information can be found in the Mastery of the Five Elements Core Essence and Character Course Training Manual.


Ingredients: Jojoba Oil, Hematite Crystal, Citrus limon, Cymbopogon flexuosus, Melaleuca quinquenervia, Picea mariana, Melaleuca alternifolia Essential Oils.

Additional information

Weight0.035 kg
Dimensions2.5 × 2.5 × 9.5 cm

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