Kineasy Intro Course Training Manual


A comprehensive, clear and very detailed 60+ page manual, developed by Denise Robinson, which covers all the fundamentals of Kinesiology including what it is and how to practice muscle testing in a practical and easy to understand way. Includes everything covered in the Kineasy Intro Course including full muscle testing protocol, all about Hydration, Central Meridian Energy, Switching Points, Body Polarity, Ionisation, Thymus Energy, Circuit Retaining Mode, Willingness Statements, Connection Points, Age Recession and Fingers Modes. There is also a detail section on how to set goals and intentions followed by a full step-by-step balancing protocol and session sheet template to use in your mini sessions.  Remedies included in this manual include Crystals, Essential Oils, Flower Essence, Affirmations, Sound, Colour, Emotional Stress Release and Oracle Cards. This manual also includes ways in which to undertake self-testing. This manual will provide you with a strong foundation of muscle testing and is a wonderful introduction in the amazing and beautiful world of Kinesiology!

Passion, Harmony, Love and Gratitude ~ By The Bay Kinesiology

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