Handmade Wooden Shamanic Healing Wand 6



This unique handmade Wooden Shamanic Healing Wand was hand crafted by the talented Brett Bannon, a qualified Shiatsu Therapist and Healer, using wood sourced from Country Victoria and then crafted over time into this amazing healing tool.

The wand includes a large clear quartz crystal in one end, and a fluorite crystal in the other end, copper binding as well as a selection of feathers that have been collected from nature.

This wand has been created over a long period of time with great care and healing chi and has been charged up on our alters with holy water and holy oil and is a piece completely unique, individual and handmade with love and intention.

Brett has a range of handmade wooden shamanic healing tools that become available as he finishes them, so if there is a particular item that you like that has already been purchased please feel free to email denise@bythebaykinesiology.com.au to have your name put on the waiting list for the next release of beautiful, chi-filled Shamanic healing tools.

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