Handcrafted Wooden Shamanic Healing Wand – Fluorite



This unique handcrafted Wooden Shamanic Healing Wand was created by the talented Brett Bannon, a qualified Shiatsu Therapist and Healer, using wood ethically sourced from regional Victoria and then crafted over time into this powerful sacred healing tool.

This Shamanic Wand includes a purple Fluorite crystal point at the top and a green Fluorite crystal in the base with copper wrapped up the side of the wooden body of the wand plus a selection of feathers (Cockatoo, Rosella & Maccaw) collected from nature attached via a hook at the bottom.

In a clinic setting a Shamanic Wand can be used to activate an area of the body, bring energy into an energetic system, on a acupressure point, along a meridian line, through a chakra, held or pointed to an area of the body, for the client to hold and gain its power and so much more. Let your intuition guide you.

This wand has been channeled and created over a long period of time with great care and healing chi and has been charged up on our alters with holy water and holy oil and is a sacred piece completely unique, individual and handmade with love and intention.

To view a video of this Shamanic Wand, head to @bbshamanictools Instagram account.

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Weight.2 kg
Dimensions25 × 5 × 5 cm

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