Crystal Clear Head Balancing Oil



Created and handmade with love and intention by Denise Robinson, this beautiful balancing chi oil packaged in a cute roller bottle, can be used daily to support you in dealing with PRESSURE and HEADACHES.

Specifically made for clearing, uplifting and balancing stress in the Mind, Body & Soul. Designed to seep into the skin, connect to our Soul deep within ourselves and heal from the inside out.


    • Pressure, burdened and mind overwhelm
    • Scattered and feeling out of control in the mind
    • Suffering from headaches or migraines
    • Blocked, limited and being stuck in the head
    • Excessive mental chatter and unnecessary deep thoughts
    • Self-critical thinking
    • Self-sabotage
    • Focusing on everyone but yourself
    • Being too hard on yourself and putting yourself under undue pressure
    • Frustration that you can’t get things done
    • Being overly outward focused and worrying too much about what others think of you


    • Calm, clear and centred
    • Settled in self
    • Light fresh perspective
    • Greater focus on self
    • Free and pure mind
    • Reprogrammed mind and mental patterns
    • Feelings of peace, harmony and contentment within
    • Sunny disposition
    • Simplicity surrounds


    • Headaches
    • Migraines
    • Neck & shoulder pain
    • Over-thinking
    • Eye strain
    • Head congestion

This 10ml balancing oil is infused with:

    • A Selenite Crystal
    • Clear Jojoba Oil infused with 100% Pure Essential Oils
    • Colour & Sound Therapy
    • Nature’s Healing Chi

Associated Emotions: Clarity, Content, Critical, Pressure, Pure, Scattered, Simple, Stuck, Thinking, Troubled

Affirmation: “My head is light and clear and I surrender my thoughts to the universe.”

Simply roll the balancing oil on stress areas of the physical body, pulse points, acupressure points and wrists and neck as an aromatic tonic. Wear to shift and clear stress, blocks and bring balance and harmony to the Mind, Body & Soul.

If you are interested in learning more on this topic, we have the associated Crystal Clear Head Wellbeing Workshop being hosted all around the world by our supportive and nurturing Wellbeing Workshop Facilitators.


Ingredients: Jojoba Oil, Selenite Crystal, Elettaria cardamomum, Canarium luzonicum, Lavandula angustifolia, Piperita Mentha, Ravensara aromatica Essential Oils.

Additional information

Weight0.035 kg
Dimensions2.5 × 2.5 × 9.5 cm

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