Colour Therapy Chart


A beautifully presented laminated two page double sided (total four pages) Colour Therapy Chart developed by Denise Robinson to assist students and practitioners with a quick ‘go to’ guide when testing up colour during a Kinesiology balance.

This amazing, easy to read guide includes 17 different colours, over 900+ Negative and Positive emotions and over 250+ Physical Attributes which saves you so much time in scanning through reference books – as it’s all at your fingertips!

This chart is broken into three categories for each colour;
~ Negative Emotions (what it clears)
~ Positive Emotions (what it brings)
~ Physical Attributes* (what it can be used for)

The colours included are;
~ Red
~ Orange
~ Yellow
~ Green
~ Blue
~ Indigo
~ Violet/Purple
~ White
~ Magenta
~ Pink
~ Turquoise
~ Brown
~ Grey
~ Black
~ Gold
~ Silver
~ Bronze/Copper

This Colour Therapy Chart is also a fantastic reference for those who may have an interest or passion in delving deeper into the colours and what they mean in your every day life.

With Passion, Harmony, Love and Gratitude
~ Denise 


For details on any of our Accredited Training Courses which use Colour as a remedy please visit:

*Kinesiology does not diagnose physical illnesses/diseases or conditions. This is to be used as a reference guide only.


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