Chakra Emotions Wall Chart


This unique insightful large sized Chakra Emotions Wall Chart/Poster is a perfect resource for using in your clinic space – for Kinesiology Practitioners, Natural Therapists or anyone who LOVES Chakras and the emotions associated with them!
Loving created and designed by Denise Robinson made possible through her love of Kinesiology as a Kinesiology Practitioner, Course Author, Kinesiology Teacher and Mentor.  This chart was inspired by her Chakra Healing Kinesiology Course and many years of clinic research an study into the emotional connections between the Chakras and the Mind, Body and Soul.

Designed to provide further understanding and healing opportunities for your clients by adding depth, awareness and insight plus an abundant supply of emotions, metaphors and information at your fingertips.

This stunning picturesque wall chart includes a beautiful beach sunset background picture to cultivate amazing Chi into your healing space. It includes 630 emotions in total – 90 emotions for each of the 7 chakras (Base, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye & Crown) plus the Element and symbol for each Chakra.
The chart is professionally printed in full colour to the highest standard in large format 840 mm high x 297 mm wide with beautiful gloss laminate for longevity and an investment for decades to come plus a perfect piece of functional art for your wall.
This chart is the perfect resource to use in any healing session to provide further insight and depth to a client’s physical symptoms and emotional stressors by establishing the core emotions online.  Once you have found the emotion/s and discussed its relevance then the emotion needs to be felt.  By feeling the emotion you are able to heal and move forward.  My empowering mantra ‘Feeling is Healing’ resonates perfectly with these beautiful in-depth emotion charts and enhances the healing process in line with my belief and the philosophy ‘you have to feel it to heal it’!  Feeling the emotion opens up the Heart, brings awareness to why the emotion is there and what it relates to, assists raising consciousness and then the healing happens and the emotions shift. 
It is important to remember that there are no ‘negative’ or ‘positive’ words on this Emotion Chart. Every emotion can be perceived as either negative or positive based on the client’s interpretation of it. 
 This gorgeous Emotion Chart is unique to the Kinesiology world and we are so excited to be able to share it with you. 
We suggest using muscle reflex testing to tap into the client’s subconscious to determine the most appropriate emotion to work with. If you are not familiar with Kinesiology and muscle testing and would like to learn more about this fascinating subject we offer an empowering and life-changing 2 day beginners course in called ‘Kineasy Intro Course‘.  For details on any of our Accredited Training Courses which use this Chakra Emotions Wall Chart please visit:

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