Base Chakra Balancing Oil



Created and handmade with love and intention by Denise Robinson, this gorgeous aromatic Base Chakra balancing oil, packaged in a cute roller bottle, will clear and align the Base Chakra as well as strengthen the Etheric Body aura. Its red vibration will connect you to the Earth Element, align you to your Physical identity and create a solid movement and connection.

Specifically made for the inner soul work, balancing the inner child and aligning all parts of the body to each of the chakra’s energetic fields and auras from the inside, radiating out to the Universe.


    • Feeling alone, unsupported & abandoned
    • Ungrounded and over-thinking everything
    • Disconnected from yourself and life
    • Feeling insecure, unstable & fearful
    • Not trusting people or life
    • In survival fight or flight mode
    • Worried about money and financial security
    • Fear


    • Feeling fully grounded and present in yourself
    • Strong foundation and sense of who you are
    • Sense of belonging & feeling at home within
    • Trusting and feeling secure in your surroundings
    • Physical drive, stamina & vitality
    • Healed family relationships
    • Attracting prosperity


    • Colour: Red
    • Element: Earth (gravitation)
    • Identity: Physical (self-preservation)
    • Sense: Smell

This 10ml Base Chakra balancing oil is infused with:

    • A Smoky Quartz Crystal
    • Clear Jojoba Oil infused with 100% Pure Essential Oils
    • Colour & Sound Therapy
    • Nature’s Healing Chi

Associated Emotions: Belong, Fear, Grounded, Present, Prosperity, Protected, Secure, Supported, Survival, Trust.

Affirmation: “I belong, feeling grounded, supported and safe whilst trusting myself.”

Simply roll the balancing oil on stress areas of the physical body, pulse points or over the chakra plus wrists and neck as an aromatic tonic. Wear to shift and clear stress, blocks and bring balance and harmony to the chakra, body or aura.

If you would like to know more about Chakra Healing, this information can be found in the


Ingredients: Jojoba Oil, Smoky Quartz Crystal, Piper nigrum, Cedrus atlantica, Citrus sinensis, Pogostemon cablin, Nardostachys jatamansi Essential Oils.

Additional information

Weight0.035 kg
Dimensions2.5 × 2.5 × 9.5 cm


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