Aura Colour Cards & Reference Chart – Deck of 48 Cards & Reference Chart



This gorgeous deck of 48 Aura Colour Cards and accompanying Aura Colour Reference Chart were loving created and designed by Denise Robinson. Testing for an aura colour and understanding its meaning is such a powerful tool during a Kinesiology session, balance or energy clearing. This set provides you with insight and depth into a client’s current aura state, wellbeing, attributes and meanings through muscle testing. This set provides you with the flexibility to use the cards or Reference Chart together or as stand-alone tools.

Card information:

    • 48 Aura Colour Cards numbered 1-48 for ease of testing
    • Each card has the aura colour with name of each colour
    • Double-sided square cards with an energetic aura body background image
    • Professionally printed, cut and matt laminated
    • Held together with a large hinged ring for easy flipping
    • Size: 8 mm wide x 8 mm long
    • Deck depth: 2.2 cm
    • Muscle test the client’s aura colour and use the reference chart to discuss associated meaning

Chart information:

    • 48 aura colours referenced, numbered 1-48 for ease of testing
    • Size: A4
    • One double sided page (2 pages in total)
    • High quality professionally colour printed & gloss laminated
    • Chart includes attributes & meanings for each aura colour


    • The cards provide a quick, simple and easy to use reference to each of the 48 aura colours referenced in the Aura Colour Reference Chart.
    • The chart provides an excellent quick reference guide to the attributes & meanings for each aura colour
    • Tap into the client’s subconscious by using muscle reflex testing to determine the most appropriate emotion within the specific colour to work with in a Kinesiology session, balance or energy clearing.
    • Bring a deeper understanding and insight into your Kinesiology sessions.
    • Can shuffle through and pick a card at random.
    • Muscle test via number to see which card is required.
    • Can be used to provide a message and inspiration for your day.
    • Great resource for anyone that has attended any of the Emotions and Metaphysical Kinesiology courses.

Perfect resource for:

    • Kinesiology Practitioners & Students
    • Natural Therapists
    • Reiki Practitioners
    • Energy workers
    • Personal use at home
    • Anyone who has an interest or passion in delving deeper into aura colours and what they mean in everyday life!

If you are interested in learning more about this chart or how to use aura colours as a remedy in healing and Kinesiology, we offer a range of accredited Kinesiology courses as part of our Emotions and Metaphysical Kinesiology modality including the Aura Balancing Kinesiology course.

If you are not familiar with Kinesiology and how to muscle test and would like to learn more about this fascinating subject, we offer an empowering two-day beginners Kinesiology course ‘Kineasy Intro Course‘.

To view the full Aura Colour Cards & Reference Chart Set watch our YouTube video here.

Additional information

Weight.3 kg
Dimensions31 × 22 × 3 cm


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