Online Kinesiology Masterclass – Eight Extraordinary Meridians

Eight Extraordinary Meridians Masterclass

In this two hour online Kinesiology ‘Eight Extraordinary Meridians’ Masterclass you will discover the marvellous eight extraordinary meridians or the “8 extras”, that run deep within our bodies and supply the 14 regular meridians with Chi and blood supporting our DNA or genetic heritage.

The 8 extras are seen as precious, extraordinary, curious, amazing! They hook into our childhood balance and give a sense of freedom.  They are our root and foundation of life and closely linked to the Kidney’s.  They act as reservoirs and take up excess Chi in the same way that a reservoir takes up excess water at times of heavy rain.

In this Masterclass you will learn each of the eight extraordinary meridians in detail including their individual connections with the physical body such as Master and Coupled Points, their associated Yin/Yang, functions/uses and remedies, in addition to the procedure to complete an energy balance to resolve physical or emotional imbalances.

Denise has been researching and teaching about the Meridians for 15 years and has been teaching her accredited Kinesiology Course ‘Meridian Rivers of Chi Kinesiology‘ since 2007. The Meridians connect to all our organs and are fundamental in our health and wellbeing. She looks forward to sharing her knowledge and understanding of the 8 Extra Meridians in an easy way that can be incorporated into any Kinesiology session.

This Masterclass includes written information on each of the Eight Extraordinary Meridians’ as follows:

  • Master Point
  • Coupled Point
  • Role (and link to the 14 regular meridians)
  • Yin or Yang connection
  • Functions/Uses
  • Essential Oil for balance
  • Procedure to complete an energy balance

This is a deep and intriguing Kinesiology Masterclass that will broaden your understanding and healing tools beyond the 14 regular meridians.


Kinesiology Masterclass: Eight Extraordinary Meridians
Thursday, 21 July 2021
Time: 9.30am – 11.30am (AEDST – Melbourne, Australia)
Duration/CPE: 2 hours
Location: Online via Live Zoom Video Conference (a unique Zoom link will be provided after enrolment)
Instructor: Denise Robinson
Investment: $150 inc. GST
Enrolments Close: Closed
Prerequisite: None-Everyone welcome!
Accreditation: Australian Kinesiology Association (AKA) – 2 hours, Category D for CPE
Cancellation Policy: Click here to read our Policy


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