Nature’s Healing Chi Workshop

Nature’s Healing Chi Workshop ~ Online

Created specifically for Healers, Kinesiologists and practitioners, our unique Nature’s Healing Chi Workshop will show you how to best integrate and use beautiful treasures from Nature in your healing sessions. During this online workshop, Denise will show you how to ‘read’ Mother Nature’s precious healing remedies for your own purpose and open discussion around the meaning, emotions, metaphors, healing properties and uses of each remedy. Nature is captivating and healing on so many levels and Denise will share and demonstrate how incredibly powerful it can be to bring awareness to stressors you are working on through using nature and then how to use these remedies to shift energy and stress in your Kinesiology or healing sessions.

If you are a lover of Nature, or just curious, whether it be a sandy beach, the beautiful bush & countryside or just love collecting items from nature and are intrigued as to what they all mean then this workshop is most definitely for you. During a special online day together you will discover how to best use a unique set of remedies from Mother Earth and as a group will also dive into some more rare remedies to get you thinking and discovering potential meanings and metaphors. You will learn where the remedies are from and what that means, the emotions, metaphors, the metaphysical body connections and what they mean when they test up or are presented to clients in a session. Denise will also provide a specific list of questions to ask clients for any of Nature’s Healing Chi remedies. Plus Denise will show you how to integrate your own treasures from nature into your healing sessions with simplicity, flow and ease.

Nature’s Healing Chi remedies that will be covered in detail and are included in the reference chart include Charcoal, Feather, Leaf, Moss, Mud, Nest, River Water, Rock, Salt Water, Sand, Shell, Tree Bark, Tree Sap (3 types), Wood. Plus as a group we will be brainstorming and touching on these other fascinating treasures from nature: Cocoon, Coral, Cotton, Driftwood, Fern, Gumnut, Lavender, Pine Cone, Rain Water, Rose Petal, Sea Sponge, Seaweed, Seed Pod, Wheat grass, Wild Fungi and the elements of Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood.

Prior to this workshop, each participant will be required to collect some of Nature’s Healing Chi (details provided after enrolment) to bring along to this workshop. As a group will also be connecting to each participants own remedies that they collected as part of the ‘pre-work’ for the workshop to discuss and discover the hidden emotions, metaphors and meanings.

During this workshop you will learn how to create an intentional and meaningful Nature Grid to use on yourself, to clear a space or for a client. This process is fascinating, enlightening and allows you to feel like you are sitting in nature. One of my absolute favourite things to do with my spare time. I am so looking forward to sharing my unique way of creating a captivating Nature Grid.

Towards the end of the workshop, participants will be split into private breakout groups to experience an intimate 1:1 session with another participant to practice their Nature’s Healing Chi knowledge and skills and see what remedy comes up for them. This is a fun, expansive and light-hearted day, full of aha moments, laughter and big picture expansive thinking.

The Nature’s Healing Chi Workshop will open your eyes to seeing nature through different lenses and enable you to tap into and find your own metaphors for these and other remedies in nature.  An incredibly healing and powerful workshop for practitioners to attend to invigorate and allow them to deepen their senses and sessions on all levels and dimensions.

As part of this workshop, you will receive a unique Nature’s Healing Chi Manual which includes a Reference Chart for 14 remedies including description, emotions and metaphors plus all the questions to ask, extra remedies to test from, a session sheet template and information on how to create a powerful Nature Grid.

All participants will also receive a voucher to use towards By The Bay Kinesiology’s Nature’s Healing Chi testing vials as a Gratitude Gift.

About Your Facilitator – Denise Robinson

Denise has an innate ability to connect to nature and its essence – her ongoing passion and love of the outdoors has continued to thrive since spending her early life growing up on a 1000-acre farm in country WA. Denise now loves the balance she finds between her home and clinic near the beach and her weekender in the country. One of her favourite things to do is go on a bush or beach walk where she collects her remedies from Mother Nature.

Denise is excited to share her unique system, knowledge, clinical experience and her own interpretations, emotions and metaphors of nature’s beautiful remedies with you plus tried and tested ways to work with the remedies and special testing vials to bring incredible results on a deep healing level.

Places are limited so enrol online now to secure your place in Nature’s Healing Chi Workshop. Denise looks forward to sharing her passion and love of nature with you.

Suitable for:

Healers of any kind – Kinesiologist, Practitioner, Kinesiology Student, Massage Therapist, Reiki Practitioner, Energy Healer, Nature lovers… the list goes on and on!


Workshop: Nature’s Healing Chi Workshop
Date: Saturday, 7 November 2020
Times: 10.00 am to 4.00 pm
Duration: 5 hours (+ breaks)
Location: Online via Zoom Video Conference (a unique Zoom link will be provided)
Instructor: Denise Robinson
Investment: $300 inc. GST
Enrolments Close:  28 October 2020
Participants: Limited to enable a small online group vibe with plenty of Q&A time!
Prerequisite: Kinesiologist, Practitioner, Kinesiology Student, Healer, Energy Worker, Nature lover –  if you are not sure if you are eligible please email us
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