Mind, Body, Soul Kinesiology Mentoring Workshop

Mind, Body, Soul Kinesiology Mentoring Workshop

This supportive and inspiring kinesiology mentoring 4 hour mini-workshop is a ‘doing’ workshop and is run in a small group environment. This is your chance to ask questions and gain knowledge directly from Denise Robinson, successful kinesiology business owner, practitioner, course author, accredited kinesiology instructor & trainer, emotion chart developer and recognised AIK and AKA kinesiology mentor, about anything you want to know in the wonderful world of Kinesiology!

As a group we will spend 4 hours together, covering a range of different kinesiology topics from clinic practices, client engagement, sessions and protocols, business management, marketing, administration requirements and so much more!  Denise feels privileged to have assisted well over 50 very talented Kinesiologists from students to the experienced Kinesiologists to get their business structure in place, know their market, show their authentic self and have a successful growing kinesiology practice.

The benefits of our Mind, Body, Soul Kinesiology Mentoring Workshop are:

  • Identifying blocks and letting go of limiting belief systems that are holding you back from having a successful, profitable and expanding full-time kinesiology business.
  • Knowing who you want to be as a Kinesiology practitioner and showing your authentic self.
  • Bringing together all of your various balances, learning tools, techniques, remedies, modalities and style of treating into one cohesive system for a smooth flowing session.  Especially suitable for those that have come directly out of a college environment who feel lost as to where to start and require practical hands on client experience, knowledge, support and guidance to take the next step to bridge everything together and know you can achieve getting your business up and running.
  • Ability to connect on a deep level with clients, tap into emotions and build rapport and trust.
  • Feeling inspired, motivated and passionate about your business and your path moving forward .

Participants will enhance their skills as a kinesiology student and/or kinesiology practitioner as they are given the opportunity to openly discuss any challenges that may have arisen from their sessions or in their business. Through group discussion and specific constructive feedback from the mentor, participants will have the opportunity to refine their kinesiology balances and skills and continue to learn, grow and thrive as a practitioner.

As part of this process participants will also be embarking on a self-discovery journey where they will be focusing on their own goals and outcomes in relation to their Kinesiology practice. There will be individual reflection time, group discussion and advice and guidance from Denise whereby participants are encouraged to take notes and work towards their own individual outcomes whilst also benefiting from group brainstorming discussions.

Some topics may include:

  • Tips on how to extract information from your client to get the most out of the session
  • How to best work with your client – goal, context, pain, word, phrase, negative, positive, etc.
  • Working with emotions and how to tackle this effectively
  • How to confidently know when a client requires a follow up session and the ability to advise them accordingly plus your own unique protocol for re-booking clients with integrity
  • Maintaining healthy boundaries with clients – including wrapping up a session, finishing on time, appropriate home reinforcement activities to ensure client self-responsibility and making sure clients maintain independence
  • How to connect with clients, and hold the space for their healing
  • How to deal with particularly ‘heavy’ issues that may arise during sessions
  • What to do if a client is difficult or cuts off during a session
  • Which techniques to use on which clients and specific symptoms
  • Warning signs and triggers – knowing when, how, why and who to refer a client onto if required
  • Self-protection from client issues and energies – rituals, protection techniques, etc.
  • Communicating openly, clearly, compassionately, authentically and directly with clients on all levels
  • Motivating your clients to take charge and responsibility of their life and path
  • Structure of a session including effective time management
  • Tips for being super organised and efficient when treating
  • Clinic room setup – feng shui, flow, chi
  • Finding your authentic kinesiology path – identifying your strengths, areas you love working with and those that don’t interest you
  • Determining what type of client you want to work with (adults/children/pregnancy/males/females/etc)
  • Keeping your personal life separate from your professional life
  • How to support your health whilst running a successful kinesiology practice
  • Administration and client file requirements – switching from case studies to clinic sessions
  • Tips for creating your own standard client intake form
  • Tips for creating your own effective session sheet template – how to create your own unique style of treating and then how to confidently use your session sheet
  • Client appointment reminders and a cancellation policy to eliminate cancellations or no show

Denise is excited to be able to mentor you on your journey to being a successful inspiring Kinesiology Practitioner, and looks forward to welcoming you at this Mind, Body, Soul Kinesiology mentoring workshop.

Suitable for:

  • Students of Kinesiology
  • Graduates of a Certificate IV or Diploma in Kinesiology that need additional business guidance, practical skills, tools, techniques and strategies to get their business up and running and working in it full-time
  • Those who have been qualified for years’ but not taken the step to be a Kinesiologist full-time
  • Qualified Registered Kinesiology Practitioners requiring AKA or AIK mentoring hours
  • Those who are interested in gaining a deeper more specific focus and expanding and building their kinesiology business and to tune into their niche and how they want to work as a Kinesiologist


  • Denise Robinson is a recognised Mentor with the Australian Institute of Kinesiologist (AIK) and as such this course is recognised as 4 hours of mentoring which you can use towards your 8 hours of mentoring required per year.
  • Denise Robinson is a recognised Mentor with the Australian Kinesiology Association (AKA) and as such this course is recognised as 4 hours of mentoring + you can also submit 10 x case studies for review that can also be used towards your AKA Clinical Mentoring requirement of 180 hours. (eg. if each case study took you 1hr to complete, you could claim an additional 10hrs of mentoring. Therefore your total mentoring hours would be 14hrs.)

Pre-requisites: Current Kinesiology student; recent graduate or registered kinesiologist; AKA member requiring AKA Clinical Mentoring hours; AIK member requiring annual mentoring hours.

Required by Participants:

  • Your own personal requirements for this round table ‘doing’ workshop, this may include your laptop, tablet, notebook, pens, highlighters, session record sheet template, etc.
  • Email a list of 4 priority items you would like to cover in this mentoring session at least 1 week prior to the day to be collated. The items with the most interest will be allocated to be covered first after case study review.
  • Printed and completed AKA or AIK Mentoring forms ready to be signed by Denise at the conclusion of this workshop. Time will be allocated from 2.20pm – 2.30pm for Denise to sign off all association mentoring forms.
  • Note: If you are wanting to obtain AKA Clinical Mentoring hours for this session you will need to provide ten (10) of  your recent kinesiology case studies or kinesiology balance session notes. You will also be required to complete the accompanying excel mentoring template for all ten case studies (refer this link for excel spreadsheet Clinical Mentoring Template) which must be emailed to Denise at least 1 week prior to the mentoring workshop.

Kinesiology Mentoring Workshop Information

Date: Friday, 9 November 2018
Time: 10:00 am to 2:30 pm (4 hours + 30 min break for lunch)
Instructor/Mentor: Denise Robinson (AKA and AIK approved & recognised mentor)
Venue: By The Bay Kinesiology Clinic, 1 Donald Grove, Chelsea, Melbourne, Victoria
Investment: $200 inc. GST
Participants: Limited to 6 (must have 4 to go ahead)



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