Kinesiology Sessions

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What are the benefits of a Kinesiology Treatment Session?

Every person is beautiful, unique and different and every body responds differently to a Kinesiology session. Here is some client’s feedback about how they have felt and the benefits they have experienced post a Kinesiology session with Denise:

  • Feeling lighter and more uplifted
  • Clarity with a clearer head and mind
  • Ability to move forward with achieving their chosen goal or intention
  • Sense of purpose and direction in life
  • Aligned to passion and life path
  • Worthy within self
  • True to self – able to just be themselves
  • Full acceptance of who they are – happy and content with what they see in the mirror
  • Self-assured and can make own decisions (not seeking outside guidance or comparing self to others)
  • Physical symptoms disappeared
  • Confidence in self and abilities
  • Uplifted mood and energy, negative thoughts have gone
  • Sleeping calmly throughout the entire night
  • Open heart filled with love for self
  • Being fully present in the moment
  • Empowered in self
  • Higher sense of self-esteem
  • A sense of knowing and inner wisdom
  • Trusting intuition and gut
  • Self-control around food, no longer “needing” sweet foods when emotional
  • Relaxed feeling within body and mind
  • Positive thoughts now pop into the mind – negatives are noticed and quickly changed to positive thoughts
  • Emotional stressors don’t feel relevant anymore (no emotional charge around them)
  • So many choices and options in life
  • Full of energy and vitality
  • Motivated to exercise, lose weight and just be yourself

What can Kinesiology assist you with?

  • Addictions (sugar, emotional eating, smoking, drugs, alcohol)
  • Anxieties and fears
  • Clarity / clearer mind
  • Clearing emotional stressors
  • De-activating and releasing self-sabotage programs, limiting belief systems, patterns, behaviours, attitudes and genetic programming
  • Emotional cycles of grief, loss or guilt
  • Fatigue / tiredness / dizziness
  • General health and well-being
  • Gut Health (digestive imbalances, food sensitivities, diet adjustment, constipation, diarrhoea, etc.)
  • Happiness – finding your true soul passion & purpose
  • Headaches & migraines
  • Incontinence
  • Increasing energy & vitality
  • Letting go and releasing held in emotions (ie. anger, guilt, grief, fear, hurt, etc.)
  • Loneliness & feeling isolated
  • Mental health including depressive tendencies and mood swings
  • Money blocks & financial abundance
  • Motivation
  • Negative thought patterns and behaviours
  • Opening up your beautiful heart to trust, feel and love
  • Parenting stress / adjusting to motherhood
  • Physical pain, stress or dis-ease of any kind
  • Pregnancy related issues – difficulty conceiving, undertaking IVF, morning sickness, childbirth
  • Relationship difficulties or family disharmony
  • Restoring and settling the body & mind
  • Self-control
  • Self-esteem, self-worth & self-love
  • Skin conditions (eczema, psoriasis, acne, rashes)
  • Sleeping difficulties, waking during the night & insomnia
  • Stress relief (work, personal, family, parenting, health, work/life balance)
  • Trusting
  • Weight loss and management strategies
  • Women’s health (PMS, menstrual pain, menopause, etc)

Denise specialises in clearing and releasing negative thought patterns, addictions of all kinds, relationship issues, self-sabotage and limiting belief systems. She is passionate about aligning you to your true authentic soul self so you can thrive through life with passion and a love for self – knowing you are worthy of anything your heart desires and aligning you to feel free, light, open, present, connected, energetic, confident, nurtured and peaceful within.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine philosophy if your body is talking to you with physical symptoms of pain, stress or dis-ease, there is always an underlying emotional connection and often a repressed unprocessed emotionally charged memory buried within the subconscious mind. In Kinesiology we delve into the subconscious mind to determine the emotional and metaphysical connection to the physical symptoms, pain, stress, dis-ease or even emotional stressors and allow you to feel, process, shift and release the emotions blocking the body, mind and soul from naturally healing itself. In every session Denise works deeply with her client to balance all the 5 Elements (Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, Wood), 14 Meridian Emotional Channels, 7 Major Chakras plus the 6 Transpersonal Chakras and the 7 layers of the Auras.

Every part of our physical body relates to something emotional going on in our life. Denise is a master in metaphors of the body/life and tapping into the Elements, Meridians and Chakra systems to give you clear insight as to that which is blocking you. If we raise the consciousness and awareness of the emotional connection, we learn the lesson, change or release something (attitude, stress, buried subconscious memory, feeling, thought, pattern, genetic program, etc.), then the physical body can begin to tap into its innate ability to naturally heal itself and the physical symptoms can begin to dissolve.  Denise assists you to raise your consciousness and shift you from a reactive state to being your infinite potential and creating wholeness within yourself.

Kinesiology may also assist with many conditions that have been unsuccessfully treated with Western medicine. Kinesiology is beneficial, suitable and safe for babies, children, women (including pregnant women and breastfeeding mum’s) and men of all ages.

What can I expect from Kinesiology Treatment Sessions?

Kinesiology sessions or “balances” are gentle and nurturing and through muscle testing we can communicate to you where the cause of your body’s disharmony is coming from, which inturn has a profound and permanent shift in consciousness enabling your mind, body and spirit to naturally heal itself and for you to thrive as your true soul desires you to – in true alignment with the universe around you.

In the initial session you will complete a client intake form which covers areas such as current and past emotional, mental and physical health as well as your occupation, family makeup and history, lifestyle, diet, sleep and exercise habits.  Then we sit and chat so I really get to know you and understand your circumstances, life situation and what is going on for you in your world including any emotional stressors, physical symptoms, pain, stress or dis-ease you may be experiencing in your life and convert these into the emotions you are feeling.  We then discuss how you would like to feel in the current circumstances and transform the negative emotions into positive emotions and create a positive powerful intention or goal that you would like to work on and achieve in the session.

Once we have established the outcome, goal or intention you would like to achieve (ie. emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, health related, etc), you lie on a massage table, face up and fully clothed. Then an arm indicator muscle is used to tap into the subconscious mind to assess and provide feedback on the bodies response to different stressors, thoughts, emotions, attitudes and other information tested.  We determine which area of the body is a priority to work with and where the imbalance lies in your bodies energetic system including Element, Meridian, Chakra, Gland, Aura or other area. Your subconscious mind then provides feedback as to your best balancing technique, portal, remedy or support you require to bring your body, mind and spirit into balance and equilibrium allowing your subconscious to process emotions and your energy to naturally heal itself to achieve your desired outcome, goal or intention.

Kinesiologists do not diagnose, treat, prescribe or cure symptoms, stress or disease, we are simply raising consciousness to your greatest potential to allow your energy to flow through your entire body which enables your body to activate healing on all levels – healing and thriving are your innate nature and beauty.

There are hundreds of different kinesiology balances which your body, through muscle reflex testing, will determine the balance that is right for you right now. Because your body guides the session, what comes up will be exactly what YOU need and are ready to work on to put your body back into balance and to achieve your intention along with clearing any underlying stress.  Kinesiology allows you to let go and unconditionally love yourself from a beautiful heart space.

Denise uses many unique, specialised and empowering Kinesiology balancing techniques and modes from years’ of clinical and teaching experience, here is just a few of the more common Kinesiology techniques:

  • Emotions & Metaphysical Balance
  • Five Element Balancing ~ Fire | Earth | Metal | Water | Wood
  • Meridian Balancing ~ Central | Governing | Stomach | Spleen | Heart | Small Intestine | Bladder | Kidney | Pericardium | Triple Warmer | Gall Bladder | Liver | Lung | Large Intestine
  • Chakra Healing ~ Base | Sacral | Solar Plexus | Heart | Throat | Third Eye | Crown
  • Transpersonal Chakras ~ Earth Star | Causal | Soul Star | Stellar Gateway | Universal | Divine Gateway
  • Gland Balancing ~ Adrenals | Gonads | Pancreas | Thymus | Thyroid | Pituitary | Pineal
  • Aura Balancing ~ Etheric Body | Emotional Body | Mental Body | Astral Body | Etheric Template | Celestial Body | Ketheric Template
  • Eight Extraordinary Meridians
  • LifeLine Technique ~ Connection | See/Feel/Hear Challenge | Core Limiting Beliefs | B.O.M.B. | Triad | Power Centre | Spirit Protection Reflex | Cycles | Expression Channels | Holding Patterns | GAP |
  • Connection to your senses – Smell, Taste, Touch, See, Hear, Intuit.
  • Energetic Balances ~ Addiction | Adrenal stress | Attachment | Attitude | Avoidance | Behaviour Barometer | Belief Systems | Blood Sugar | Brain | Cleansing | Cloacals | Compulsive Behaviours | Conflict | Entity | Eye Modes | Figure Eights | Fixations | Food Sensitivities | Grounding | Heart Values | Hidden | Love | Mirror | Money | NEF | Oxygen | Pattern | Psycho Neuro Centres | Reactive Emotions | Sabotage Programs | Self-image | Spirals | Suppression | Surrogate | TMJ | Toxic | Wounded Spirit

Remedies and balancing tools used during the Kinesiology treatment session to assist the healing process may include:

  • Essential oils
  • Flower essences ~ Australian Living Essences, Desert Alchemy Flowers, Skyflowers, Bach Flower Essences, Australian Bush Flower Essences, White Light Essences, Resonante Essences, Five Element Essences and so many more!
  • Crystal Therapy – over 150 different crystal varieties
  • Nature’s Healing Chi ~ Feathers, Shells, Crystal wands, Leaves, Rocks, Wood, Tree Sap, Charcoal, Driftwood, Tree Bark, Sand, Beach Water, River Water, Palo Santo and many of nature’s other treasures
  • Five Element Vials
  • Sound/Vibrational Therapy ~ Tibetan Singing Bowl; Chakra & Meridian Tuning Forks; Ting Cha’s
  • Colour Therapy ~ Colour Therapy Chart; Aura-Soma Colour Infused Oils; Light Balancing Colour Glasses; Chromotherapy Light Torch
  • Meridian balancing with acupressure points, meridian flushing, walking, tracing, moxibustion, elephant warmer, tiger warmer
  • Element Balancing Sprays & Oils for the Five Elements ~ Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, Wood
  • Chakra Balancing Sprays & Oils for the Seven Chakras ~ Base, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, Crown
  • Neuro-Emotional Reflex Points
  • Connection Points ~ Spirit, Mind, Body, Earth, Oneness
  • Nutritional support (vitamins, minerals, tissue salts, foods, etc.)
  • Oracle Healing Cards
  • Positive Affirmations
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
  • Emotional Stress Release (ESR)
  • Lifestyle adjustment or attitude change
  • Energetic & Spiritual Healing
  • Neurolymphatic Massage Points
  • Neurovascular Holding Points
  • And SO much more…

How often would I need a Kinesiology Treatment Session?

This totally depends on you, how long you have had the symptoms/stress and how quickly your body responds to the session. Generally we suggest clients come back for kinesiology sessions 1-2 weeks after their first initial session to keep working on the stressors so the balance continues to hold and so you feel continuous support. A further session is are normally 2-3 weeks after the second appointment and then further sessions are 4-6 weekly thereafter until the stressors have cleared and you feel balanced, in control and able to manage your own healing independently.

Generally I recommend three to five kinesiology sessions to clear a particular stress or imbalance and to get to the root cause of the stress creating the imbalance. It is like an onion, we lovingly and supportively slowly peel back each layer of the onion, healing each layer before we move onto the next. You will however feel a shift in your energy, mind, body and spirit after one session. Every-body is different and responds differently to a kinesiology session, so you will need to guide how you feel after a session and we can discuss when you would like follow up sessions to support your mind, body &  soul.

Once you have tried Kinesiology most people end up incorporating Kinesiology sessions into their ongoing health routine on a 4-6 weekly basis to keep them feeling uplifted, empowered, free from stress, relaxed in the body, healthy, happy and positive.

To read a selection of testimonials that have been provided to Denise by some of her beautiful clients, please click here.


New Client Initial Kinesiology Session: 90 minutes ~ $240 inc. GST

Subsequent Kinesiology Sessions: 60 minutes ~ $160 inc. GST

Extended Kinesiology session: 75 minutes ~ $200 inc. GST

Long Kinesiology session: 90 minutes ~ $240 inc. GST

The ‘extended’ and ‘long’ kinesiology sessions allow additional talking and balancing time for the times in your life when you feel you need more.

Included in the session fee are flower essences if required.

To book an appointment time with Denise Robinson you can either click on the button below to be directed to our online ‘Appointment Booking Request Form’ or you can contact Denise on 0411 411 833.