Kinesiology Business Mentoring & Coaching

These online supportive two hour Kinesiology Business Mentoring & Coaching classes have been specifically created by Denise Robinson (Advanced Specialised Kinesiology Practitioner with 15 years experience, Emotions and Metaphysical Kinesiology Modality Founder, Accredited Kinesiology Course Author, Trainer & Instructor, Recognised Mentor) for Kinesiology Students, Diploma Graduates and newly qualified or part-time Kinesiology Practitioners. This program is perfect for those who require additional support, tools, techniques, practical systems, streamline processes, marketing tips and professional business strategies to setup and launch their Kinesiology practice with confidence and to establish a successful full-time business.

All two hour online Kinesiology Business Mentoring & Coaching classes are fast paced ‘do-ing’ sessions run in small groups of no more than 10 participants to provide you the opportunity to ask questions and gain knowledge directly from Denise about all things Kinesiology and how to build a consistently busy Kinesiology business that you are proud of.

In these Business Mentoring & Coaching classes you can expect deep diving into focus areas; tailored mentoring to meet the needs of the individual group; open and integrative discussions; business suggestions and advice; guidance; ideas; insights and knowledge sharing including Denise’s own proven practices and processes; brainstorming; individual feedback; encouragement and inspiration plus walk away with a feeling of renewed focus and strong sense of direction for your unique Kinesiology business.

Denise has been running 1:1 mentoring and small group mentoring workshops for well over a decade and has now added these specific online group Kinesiology Business Mentoring and Coaching classes so these services, information and business advice can be accessible and affordable to all Kinesiologists world-wide.

Her private 1:1 Kinesiologist Mentoring Program sessions are always available for those times when you require some personal one to one connection and advise specific for you as a Kinesiologist, your Kinesiology practice needs or to learn how to grow your individual business.

There are currently four different Kinesiology Business Mentoring & Coaching classes with specific focus areas and topics that will be covered. Participants can either attend a specific class of interest or can attend all four to get the most out of the business coaching and mentoring. They are taught in the natural order of setting up a business from scratch through to see clients in clinic so learning flows, there is a clear vision and direction and any business tasks to complete have an order of importance. The Kinesiology Business Mentoring & Coaching classes are:

Online via Zoom Video Conference

Kinesiology Business Mentoring & Coaching ClassDateTime
(inc. GST)
Business FundamentalsWednesday, 11 August 202110 am – 12 pm2 hours$165
Marketing Yourself AuthenticallyWednesday, 18 August 202110 am – 12 pm2 hours$165
Important Clinic ProcessesWednesday, 25 August 202110 am – 12 pm2 hours$165
Client Connection & Session StrategiesWednesday, 1 September 202110 am – 12 pm2 hours$165

Kinesiology Business Mentoring & Coaching benefits:

  • Identifying blocks and letting go of limiting belief systems that are holding you back from having a successful, profitable and expanding full-time kinesiology business.
  • Knowing who you want to be as a Kinesiology practitioner and showing your authentic self.
  • Bringing together all of your various balances, learning tools, techniques, remedies, modalities and style of treating into one cohesive system for a smooth flowing session.  Especially suitable for those that have come directly out of a college environment who may feel lost as to where to start and require practical hands on client experience, knowledge, support and guidance to take the next step to bridge everything together and know they can achieve getting their business up and running.
  • Ability to connect on a deep level with clients, tap into emotions and build rapport and trust.
  • Feeling inspired, motivated and passionate about your Kinesiology business and unique path moving forward.

Participants will enhance their skills as a professional Kinesiology practitioner and/or be supported as Kinesiology students transitioning into being a qualified Kinesiologist and will be given the opportunity to openly discuss any challenges that may have arisen during starting, setting up, running or growing their own Kinesiology business. Denise creates and provides a supportive open space for all participants to ask specific questions and receive constructive feedback so they can refine their business objectives, tune up their Kinesiology skills or branch out in their business whilst continuing to learn, grow and thrive as a practitioner.

As part of this process participants will also be embarking on a self-discovery journey where they will be focusing on their own goals and outcomes in relation to their own unique Kinesiology practice. There will be individual reflection time, group discussion and advice and guidance from Denise whereby participants are encouraged to take notes and work towards their own individual outcomes whilst also benefiting from group brainstorming discussions.

All online Kinesiology Business Mentoring & Coaching classes are fast-paced and discussion based, there is no manual or workbook, but what there will be is deep discussion, suggestions, advice, guidance, ideas, information and encouragement and participants will need a notebook as plenty of note taking is recommended. As a group we we will dive into all the focus areas listed in each class and discuss ideas and resolutions about the best way to tackle these in your kinesiology business. Denise will share her own proven practices, provide ideas, show examples, present references, contribute feedback and offer suggestions to assist you in your business.  These sessions are encouraged to be open and integrative and all participants must be visually seen through video on Zoom and involved in conversations so everyone can get the most out of the group class. As a group we will also brainstorm together so all can benefit from each others feedback. Each Mentoring & Coaching class will be tailored to meet the needs of the individual group and their requirements so everyone leaves feeling empowered with a strong focus and direction.

Suitable for:

  • Those who want to ensure their business is setup professionally with a solid foundation and structure in place from the get go, so growth naturally follows
  • Those who are interested in gaining a deeper more specific focus and expanding and building their Kinesiology business and to tune into their niche and how they want to work as a Kinesiologist
  • Those who have been qualified for years’ but not taken the step to be a full-time Kinesiologist
  • Graduates of a Diploma in Kinesiology that may need additional kinesiology business guidance, support, practical skills, systems, procedures, processes, tools, techniques and strategies to get their business up and running and working in it full-time
  • Students of Kinesiology or newly qualified Kinesiology Practitioners (excludes Emotions and Metaphysical Kinesiology Modality Students – refer note below)
  • Qualified Registered Kinesiology Practitioners wanting to learn more, up skill or require AIK or AKA CPE mentoring hours

Accreditation: Denise Robinson is a recognised Mentor with the Australian Institute of Kinesiologist (AIK) and the Australian Kinesiology Association (AKA) and as such these Kinesiology Business Mentoring & Coaching classes can be used towards you annual CPE points.
Attendance Certificate: Available upon email request to use for Continuing Professional Education (CPE).

Denise is passionate about Kinesiology and has a strong focus on the Emotions and Metaphysical connections in everything and everyone. She is practical, down to earth and authentic in her approach to Kinesiology and when dealing with clients, students and colleagues. She has an open mentoring style where creating and sharing information is her passion. Denise feels privileged to have mentored well over 50 very talented Kinesiologists world-wide from students to the experienced Kinesiologists to get their business structure in place, know their market, show their authentic self and have a successful growing kinesiology practice.

We are so pleased to be able to offer our supportive, inspiring and empowering Kinesiology Business Mentoring & Coaching classes online world-wide to provide all Kinesiology Practitioners the opportunity to connect, learn, grow and thrive in their business with professional, practical and functional structures in place. Denise looks forward to meeting, mentoring, coaching, motivating and inspiring you during this online experience.

Prerequisite for all classes: Kinesiology Practitioner or Kinesiology Student that is nearly qualified.
Please note: If you are currently studying the Emotions and Metaphysical Kinesiology Modality, you do not need to enrol in these classes, this information and a heap more is covered in the comprehensive online Emotions and Metaphysical Kinesiology Practitioner Certification Training Program.


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