Kinesiologist 1:1 Mentoring Program

Kinesiologist 1:1 Mentoring Program

Kinesiologist 1:1 Mentoring program is suitable for students who are graduates of a Certificate IV or Diploma in Kinesiology, qualified Registered Kinesiology Practitioners, those requiring AIK CPE Mentoring hours or AKA Clinical Mentoring hours and for experienced Kinesiology practitioners who are interested in delving in and gaining a new and invigorated perspective in the way they treat and work with clients.

Firstly, we look at how you currently work, combining the knowledge from your courses you have trained in and other techniques, skills and tools you have available that you use in your sessions.  We discuss your current situation including areas you feel you may need improvement in and/or create the most stress for you when you are treating.  Together we will break down what works and what needs to change, then delve more deeply into what process is going to be most effective for you and your clinic and practice. We find the core essence of who you want to be as a practitioner and how to shine that light in you out into the world!

Mentoring Program Content Outline

Business setup, marketing & management:

  • Setting up your kinesiology business/practice/clinic, where to start and what things are a necessity.
  • Determining how to create a business name, logo and business card layout that represents you.
  • Running the administrative side of your business – client file management, invoicing, accounting packages (MYOB), mobile apps, credit card processing, templates, paperwork, extra little touches.
  • Ensuring you have the most effective, practical, positive Feng Shui clinic room setup.
  • How and where to market yourself most affordably and effectively, plus what works and what doesn’t.
  • Self value practices including self-confidence in treatment pricing for your services.
  • Creating a client mailing list database and writing newsletters.
  • Tips on supporting your own health whilst running a successful kinesiology business.

Strategies for engaging new clients:

  • New client questionnaire forms – what questions to ask, why to ask and how to ask plus techniques to tap into the core underlying issues.
  • Starting a conversation with your client to extract the most relevant reason for being there.
  • Extracting a goal/context to work on – what way is the best way for your client?  A goal, a context, pain, a word, a phrase, positive, negative etc.
  • Determining the most relevant powerful profound emotions quickly and accurately that your client can relate to in a couple of words.

Clinic practices & protocols:

  • Creating a database specific to your purpose with all the many different streams of kinesiology skills you have. Please bring all your course manuals, charts and other tools you work with as well as some pictures of your clinic space, along to the session.
  • Identifying your unique values and strengths.
  • Ensuring you practice in a way that is authentic, comfortable and true to you.
  • How to practice with your new unique database confidently in clinic.
  • Creating a session sheet template to record the happenings and remedies of your treatment to keep on file for future sessions and for evidence of treatment.
  • Tips for being super organised and efficient when treating.
  • Confidently knowing when a client requires a follow up session and the ability to advise them accordingly.  Plus a simple, flexible protocol for rebooking clients with  integrity.
  • Client appointment reminders and a cancellation policy to eliminate cancellations or no shows.

Practitioner/Client boundaries:

  • Maintaining healthy boundaries with clients – including wrapping up a session, finishing on time, appropriate home reinforcement activities to ensure client self responsibility and making sure clients maintain independence.
  • Communicating openly, clearly, compassionately, authentically and directly with clients on all levels.
  • Motivating your clients to take charge of their life and path.
  • Self protection from client issues and energies – rituals, protection techniques, etc.
  • Keeping your personal life separate from your professional life.

Intuitive Treating:

  • Achieving great flow in your kinesiology treatments along with expanding your intuition when treating, plus knowing when is the right time to use your intuition.
  • Detecting negative attachments/entities on clients and how to effectively remove them from clients and your clinic space.

Post Program Tools & Information

Information and tools provided will assist you to build your own original and unique kinesiology practice system, including database templates, excel spreadsheets, word protocols, session sheets and any other information relevant to you. Post program information will be customised to your personal needs to suit you in the way you work as a Kinesiologist. Each Kinesiologist works differently, has learnt many different streams of kinesiology and has very different needs, this program will tailor your needs appropriately and provide you with electronic and written information based on your requirements and requests.

Program Information

Initial Private 1:1 Session: 2 hours (In Person or Skype)
Follow-up sessions: 1 hour or as required (In Person / Phone / Skype)
Session Availability:  Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday (9.30 am – 3.00 pm – by appointment only – please book well in advance)
Investment: $165 per hour inc. GST
Mentor: Denise Robinson (Registered Mentor with AIK & AKA)
CPE Hours: AIK Annual Mentoring Hours / AKA Clinical Mentoring hours
Venue: By The Bay Kinesiology Clinic, Chelsea, Melbourne, Victoria

To book a 1:1 mentoring session with Denise please call 0411 411 833 or email

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