Handmade Wooden Shamanic Healing Tools

These unique Wooden Shamanic Healing Tools have all been hand crafted by the talented Brett Bannon, a qualified Shiatsu Therapist and Healer, using wood that was sourced from country Victoria and then created over time with great care, love, intention and healing chi into these amazing healing tools. Once complete they are then charged up and activated in a crystal and nature grid and then on our alter with holy water and holy oil.

Brett has a range of hand crafted wooden shamanic healing tools that become available as he finishes them, so for up to date information and healing tools available please head over to his Instagram page to view by clicking the bottom below. If there is a particular item that you would like custom made please reach out and connect with him and he can also add you to the waiting list for the next release of beautiful, chi-filled Shamanic healing tools.


Shamanic Healing Wands

The Shamanic Healing Wands are all unique and may include a selection of clear quartz, fluorite and other crystals, copper, faux leather, and other bindings, feathers that have been collected from nature and charms (ie. OM symbol, tree of life, feathers, hearts, etc.). Prices range from $250 – $400.

Shamanic Healing Pen Wands

The Shamanic Healing Pen Wands are all unique and may include a selection of clear quartz and other crystals. Specifically created to use on acupressure points and to zone into specific areas of the body. Prices range from $50 – $150.

Shamanic Knives

The Shamanic Knives are all unique and include an obsidian crystal arrowhead.  A Shamanic Knife can be used to clear negative attachments, negative entities, lift dense or dark energies, remove past ties, cut cords, dissolve old relationship attachments, set clear boundaries, allow letting go of old wounds and so much more. Typically in a clinic setting a Shamanic Knife is used around the navel, in the aura or other areas of the bodies energetic field to cut energetically from a client. These are magick and the results are quite phenomenal. Prices range from $75-$150.

Shamanic Healing Wand Storage Boxes

Prices start from $150