Gift Vouchers

A Gift Voucher from By The Bay Kinesiology is a beautiful gesture for friends, family, loved ones, staff, colleagues, clients and customers. They are a great way to say thank you, give gratitude and show love. Or maybe you might just want to surprise someone with a special gift and make their day!

By The Bay Kinesiology Gift Vouchers can be used for any of the following:

  • Kinesiology Sessions
  • Soul Embodiment Alchemy Grid
  • Kinesiology Courses, Workshops, Programs, Masterclasses, Mentoring & Coaching 
  • Our Heart-centred Products ~ Sprays & Oils, Emotion Charts, Reference Charts, Kinesiology Course Training Manuals, Shamanic Tools, Kinesiology Testing Vials and so much more available in our online shop

To purchase a Gift Voucher, click on the button of the desired Gift Voucher value amount below to be directed to the product in the shop. Once ordered, gift vouchers are instantly emailed to you to download and print.

$25 Voucher $50 Voucher $100 Voucher $150 Voucher $200 Voucher

Kinesiology Sessions
Kinesiology sessions or “balances” are uplifting, empowering, supportive and nurturing and through muscle testing we can tap into and communicate with the subconscious mind to determine the cause of your stress, pain, fear or dis-ease.  Kinesiology uses muscle testing to tap into the Elements, Meridians, Chakras and Auras whilst weaving emotions and metaphors into the session to connect clients to their higher self. Kinesiology is beautiful at clearing stress, shifting energy blocks, raising consciousness which inturn enables your mind, body and spirit to naturally heal itself and for you to thrive as your true soul desires you to – in true alignment with the universe around you. Please note appointment waiting times may apply. For further information on Kinesiology sessions please click here.

Soul Embodiment Alchemy Grid
Align to your true Soul with a personally channelled unique grid – Distant Soul Healing and Energy Grid Creation. Click here to read more.

Kinesiology Courses, Workshops, Programs, Masterclases, Mentoring & Coaching
Be empowered while learning all about Kinesiology with one of Melbourne’s leading workshop training providers, By The Bay Kinesiology. Our accredited Kinesiology courses, workshops, programs, masterclasses, mentoring & coaching classes are professional, empowering and will change your life. To see all our Kinesiology courses and programs on offer click here.

By The Bay Kinesiology Shop
To take a look at our heart-centred healing products, emotion charts, reference charts and so much more available in our shop please click here.

Cancellation Policy
Please note cancellation policies apply for both Kinesiology Sessions and Kinesiology Courses, Workshops & Programs. The cancellation policy is clearly communicated to you at the time of booking. Thank you for your understanding.

Gift Voucher Expiry
Gift Vouchers are valid for 24 months from the date of purchase.

For further questions please email us: click here
With Passion, Harmony, Love and Gratitude, Denise Robinson ~ By The Bay Kinesiology

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