CPE Declaration Form – EMK Practitioners

Practitioner Checklist:

  1. Review the current EMK Practitioner CPE Activity List – 40 points required over the two year period (scroll down to the bottom)
  2. Complete and submit your EMK Practitioner CPE Declaration Form below
  3. Pay the EMK Practitioner CPE Renewal Administration Fee of AUD$66 inc. GST through the website shop here
  4. Email the following in PDF format to the EMK Head Office connect@emotionsandmetaphysicalkinesiology.com
    • EMK Practitioner Agreement – Print, complete, initial all pages, date and sign the current EMK Practitioner Agreement here
    • CPE documentary evidence to accompany your CPE Declaration Form submission
    • Current Public Liability Insurance Certificate

Please note, all of the above needs to be completed and submitted in order to receive your new electronic EMK Practitioner Recertification Certificate for a new two (2) year period, ie. 1 December 2024 – 1 December 2026 and your status updated to ‘Active’ from 1 December 2024.

Please be mindful that the office will be inundated with CPE to be processed for everyone, so please be patient and allow up to 10 business days for your CPE to be finalised and new certificates issued.

We look forward to processing your CPE Renewal and recertifying you as an EMK Practitioner.

CPE Activity List:


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