Client Testimonials

Dear Denise, I don’t think I can actually put into words how I feel or how grateful I am to you. You did yesterday what nobody else could do for me. I have had a massive shift and I actually feel like myself again. It was an extremely soulful session and everything was spot on. You were the most perfect person to help me and support and get me through. Thank you for sharing your story with me and also for guiding me through the massive journey that I went on in that session. You really did restore and save my soul on so many levels and in so many ways, and I think helped to change my path. I got in the car and my partner was like wow, I can see the difference in you straight away. No words can really describe what happened or how grateful I am. You moved me from darkness into light. Thank you so much xB.D. ~ Teacher
Meeting Denise was meant to be and one of the best things to have happened in my life. Before she started treating me my emotions were a roller coaster and my thought patterns erratic with little control or understanding of what was going on inside my body and the effects of the negativity. I had been seeing a psychologist over the years but Denise’s treatments go even deeper with long lasting effects that are often permanent and an instant transformation and I have no need to see a psychologist anymore. She has taught me about many things including energy flow, effects of colours, chakras, crystals and sparked my interest so much that I am going to start her course next year. She has such extensive knowledge in her practice, is always optimistic and focused, listens well, is very easy to speak to and confide in and always impresses me with her ability to pin point problems and efficiently clear them. I now feel much more grounded, in control of my thoughts, able to manage situations that arise and out of the darkness!  By The Bay Kinesiology: It makes sense and simply, it just works. M.M. ~ Real Estate Trust Accountant
Hey Denise, I have been meaning to message you for a while now to say a massive ‘thank you’. Guess I was thinking things may change back but hey haven’t. My son is a new person after just one session. Here is a few of the amazing things…. He is happy, sociable, interacting, attending family functions, spending heaps of time with me, going to the beach, going for walks, getting out in the sun, gardening, swimming, eating more, cooking, wee bit of exercise, spending time with his sister, getting out of his comfort zone, he tries not to hang his head down anymore, oh boy, the list goes one. It’s wonderful 🙂 I am very grateful for your help xxoo. C.C. ~ Administrator / Mum
Denise, is so nurturing and caring with her treatments. She knows how to get to the root of the issue and allows you to deal with it. Her treatments have helped on so many levels. I highly recommend Denise, weather you are young or old, she will tap into what needs to be dealt with allow the healing.J.A. ~ Myotherapist
Denise I cannot thank you enough for changing my life. It sounds like a big statement, but it’s honestly true. Your sessions are so powerful and life changing, and your knowledge and insight is second to none. I hadn’t experienced a Kinesiology session before I came to see you and I cannot believe that I have been missing these amazing benefits for so long. You create a safe and loving space for me to clear so much, and I honestly cannot thank you enough for all you do, and for all that you are. Lots of love always.S.W. ~ Administrator/Kinesiologist
There are very few practitioners out there that I can say I admire and respect as I do Denise. I first came to By The Bay Kinesiology in May of 2009, and have remained a loyal client since and for good reason. Denise has a way of making everything feel like I am back in control and in the driver’s seat. Her integrity and professionalism is so beautifully balanced with her caring and friendly disposition. I already know before I even arrive that I am going to leave feeling anew, inspired and alive again. I have learnt so much from Denise over the years and one of the most valuable lessons for me personally, have been that no matter how bad life gets there are some sincere people out there such as Denise, who actually have your back!!! Denise is more than a practitioner, she is a guiding angel and for that I am so very grateful. Thank you so much lovely for your on going care, healing, insight and trust and for going above and beyond each and every session. Much love, warmth & gratitude.T.H. ~ Yoga Teacher, Spiritual Healer & Counsellor
Thank you so much for being an integral part of my year, I can’t express enough how much I have evolved because of you turning up in this life and sharing your gift and talent the way you do. You’re an inspiration and a blessing, thanks for being you.C.L. ~ Female Entrepreneur, Business Owner
This year has been a truly transformational year in my life and the journey began when I met you. I am so grateful for meeting you, the inspiration I glean from each session with you and the wisdom you impart during each kinesiology course. Thank you for everything you have done for me.D.R. ~ Naturopath
Just watched the YouTube video. Amazing, it brought tears to my eyes, as I know how much you (and the lifeline technique) has and will continue to change my life. Thank you so much! I’m really excited for you. You are truly inspirational. Infinite love and gratitude.D.K. ~ Kinesiologist
Thanks so much for all your help. I am definitely noticing the changes and it feels amazing and free and flowing yay!M.B. ~ Student / Mum
Kinesiology is the most overwhelming experience you could ever have, yet not be able to put words to…. I was referred to Denise more than 7 years ago when I saw the amazing work she was doing with a close work friend.  I went to her when my personal life was in turmoil and she was able to turn things around for me. Denise is highly professional, yet deeply personal all at the same time.  Just one session with her and you feel like she’s been a personal friend forever.  She is a deeply caring person who has an incredible gift, talent, skill for kinesiology, she is so much more than just a practitioner.  Thank you Denise for the wonderful work we’ve done together, you give me focus and balance and lead me back on the right path for my life.  I cannot recommend Denise more highly and have sent to many friends, family and associates to her.G.A. ~ Real Estate Sales Representative
Thank you so much for our great session. It was lovely meeting you and I appreciate you holding the space for me while I processed all that ‘stuff’!! I wanted you to know I am feeling much more positive now, and lots of great shifts have occurred. Looking forward to sharing more of this life journey with you! With infinite love and gratitude.A.M.
Just a quick note to say how great I feel after the balance! I really feel clearer in thought, and the discomfort in my hip/leg has subsided considerably. It’s like magic (but you know that) I feel ‘up’ which is wonderful. Love to you.D.F. ~ Yoga Teacher / Mum