Become a Kinesiology Practitioner

How do I become a Certified and Practicing Kinesiology Practitioner?

The art and practice of Kinesiology can be learned easily by anyone and everyone, especially those interested in health, healing and wellbeing, energy, the cause of dis-ease, tapping in the bodies subconscious, personal development and growth.  Our exciting, specialised and unique system of Emotions and Metaphysical Kinesiology accredited kinesiology courses, and our practitioner training program will change your perception of life through your kinesiology journey towards a beautiful and inspiring path of unconditional love, health and well-being.

By The Bay Kinesiology offers a range of diverse Emotions and Metaphysical Kinesiology courses from the very basics and foundations of Kinesiology for beginners with our Kineasy Intro. Course, through to our more advanced courses where we cover a multitude of various topics including, Metaphors and Emotional Connections in the Body, Five Elements, Meridians, Chakras, Transpersonal Chakras and Auras.

Following this we have a comprehensive 75 hour online Kinesiology Practitioner Certification Training Program which provides you with all the tools to enable you to become a competent, confident, experienced and practicing Certified Emotions and Metaphysical Kinesiology Practitioner and a Mind, Body, Soul Wellbeing Workshop Facilitator.


Accredited Kinesiology Courses (face-to-face):

Practitioner Certification Training Program – Online face-to-face Modules (10 x evenings over 5 weeks):

  • 1 ~ Kinesiology Fundamentals
  • 2 ~ Emotions and Metaphors
  • 3 ~ Mind, Body, Soul Wellbeing Workshop Series
  • 4 ~ Communication
  • 5 ~ Marketing, Advertising and Business Management
  • Plus Online Multiple Choice Assessments, Online Short Answer Assessments and Homework & Assessment Tasks for each module.

Additional Requirements:

  • Emotions and Metaphysical Kinesiology Public Liability & Professional Indemnity Insurance to practice kinesiology and teach our Mind, Body, Soul Wellbeing Workshops, available through our recommended provider, Fenton Green.
  • Current Senior First Aid Certificate
  • Signed BTBK Practitioner Agreement for the term of two years
  • Complete Continuing Professional Education (CPE) requirements every two (2) years as specified in the Practitioner Agreement to be maintained as an active and Certified Emotions and Metaphysical Kinesiology Practitioner.


Head over to our Certified Emotions and Metaphysical Kinesiology Practitioner Certification Training Program page to find out more about how you could be a Certified and Practicing Kinesiologist with your own thriving business!

  • Warm, friendly, safe and comfortable learning environment with small class sizes (max. 16 students)
  • Adult style learning with ample practical hands on practice time with other students within your group
  • Learning fun natural healing remedies in all courses including essential oils, crystals, colour, flower essences, sound, acupressure, nutrition, affirmations, oracle healing cards, Nature’s Healing Chi and SO much more!
  • All courses include a comprehensive reference manual, laminated protocol and a session sheet template – all of which are easy to understand, use and complete in sessions.
  • Well laid out in-class Practical Assessments; Easy to follow and complete Case Study Templates to use at home; Straight forward online open book Written Assessments.
  • Choose your own pace and attend which courses you want to study when it suits you. A pay as you go option is available with flexible payment plans, if needed.
  • Learning directly with Denise Robinson, Founder of Emotions and Metaphysical Kinesiology, successful business owner, kinesiology practitioner, recognised mentor, course author, instructor, trainer, assessor, emotion chart developer and heart-centred product creator.
  • Supported and nurtured Kinesiology pathway with plenty of guidance and mentoring along the way.
  • Learn tools and techniques to setup your business including Communication, Marketing, Advertising and Business Management
  • Ability to be fully certified, insured and practicing as an Emotions and Metaphysical Kinesiology Practitioner with confidence and integrity in under 12 months!!
  • Plus have the opportunity to learn and teach our eight Mind, Body, Soul Wellbeing Workshops in your community while building your business and clientele.
  • Connect with like-minded beautiful souls and make lifelong friendships.

So what’s your first step you may ask….? Kineasy Intro. Course!!  Join us for a taste tester into the wonderful and inspiring world of Kinesiology with the two day eye-opening and fun ‘Kineasy Intro. Course’ where you will learn all the foundations of Kinesiology, muscle testing, life skills, tonnes of natural healing remedies and how to do your first mini Kinesiology balance! This course is also the pre-requisite course for all of our other empowering courses and once complete you are eligible to attend our other courses we have available and we know you will thrive delving into our empowering in-depth Accredited Kinesiology Courses covering Elements, Meridians, Chakras, Transpersonal Chakras and Auras.

By The Bay Kinesiology looks forward to being part of your exciting and nurturing Kinesiology journey and should you have any questions or would like to connect with us, feel free to give us a call or send us an email.