Online Kinesiology Masterclass – Awakening Your Metaphysical Birth Story

Awakening Your Metaphysical Birth Story Masterclass

This 2-hour online Kinesiology Masterclass is an intimate immersion journey and sharing which will open your eyes to a deeper aspect of a ‘Birth Story’ for yourself and your clients. It will show you how our birth impacts and affects our patterns, behaviours and life based around our own unique Birth Story. This information will shape and transform your Kinesiology sessions in so many ways, starting with a client fully understanding why they do certain things.

Your physical birth is one of the most important moments of life and shapes so much about a person, their emotions, sensitivities, life path and so much more. Understanding yours and others birth stories can have profound shifts in energy and bring a deeper understanding to a person/client plus a sense of enlightenment (and for Parents then for their children too).

Being born under the extreme pressures of light, sound, touch and motion plays a significant role in determining how you perceive the world and form relationships. You went from being completely physically protected from outside influences, safe and warm nestled in liquid to being open to the outside world, vulnerable and into the cold air. What a massive transition this alone is.

Your Birth Story is all about life, change, learning, understanding, wisdom and how you came to be here, to take your first breath. The awareness of how you were birthed and came into this world, can really guide a person through their own unique life. The symbolism discovered along the journey of someone’s birth and how this resonates with their life now is so profound and powerful. There may be incredible memories, horrendous trauma, pain or peace, empowerment and connection associated with every birth.

Throughout this online Masterclass, we will dive into many of the pieces and metaphysical energy that makes up Your Birth Story, which makes you.

Understanding where you came from is a mirror of how you do life.Denise Robinson

We will look at the following information:

  • Star (Sun) Sign
  • Star Sign – Chakras & Life Issues
  • Moon Sign
  • Numerology Life Path Number
  • Human Design
  • Element Constitution
  • Position in the family

You will discover the Mother’s and Baby’s Story in relation to the following birth experiences:

  • Premature Birth
  • Caesarean Birth – Planned
  • Caesarean Birth – Emergency
  • Natural Vaginal Birth
  • Breech Birth
  • Induced Birth

The metaphysical energy and meaning to do with different birth circumstances, timing, interventions, complications and the baby’s entry to the world, including:

  • Fast Birth
  • Anaesthesia During Birth
  • Held Back / Delayed / Prolonged Birth
  • Easy Birth
  • Born in the Sac Birth
  • Turned at Birth
  • Forceps / Vacuum Delivered Birth
  • Big Baby Birth
  • Cord around the neck Birth
  • Oxygen Deprivation
  • Near to Death Birth
  • Twins / Multiple Birth
  • Unwanted Birth
  • Wrong Sex Birth

As part of this immersive masterclass we will go on a deep healing journey connecting with other like-minded Kinesiologists, while discovering your own personal story. The information that is openly shared may be very healing and also possibly triggering to your own experience through life. You may discover hidden parts of yourself, have aha moments and heal old wounds by really understanding yourself, your unique nature and your Mother on a far deeper and energetic level.

As part of the process and pre-masterclass tasks (provided prior to the masterclass) you will connect with the energy of your own Mother through your Birth Story and connect to your children if you too are a Parent. You will gather information about your star sign, moon sign, numerology life path number, human design, element constitution, position in the family as well as all the deep and intricate details of your birth into this life.

Plus you will receive a comprehensive PDF manual of all birth story information covered in this online Masterclass to use in your clinic.


Kinesiology Masterclass: Awakening Your Metaphysical Birth Story
Thursday, 7 December 2023
Time: 9.30 am – 11.30 am
Duration/CPE: 2 hours (only if LIVE online)
Location: Online via Live Zoom Video Conference
Instructor: Denise Robinson
Investment: $250 inc. GST
Prerequisite: Practicing Kinesiology Practitioner or Advanced Kinesiology Student
Accreditation: Australian Kinesiology Association (AKA) – 2 hours, Category D for CPE
Cancellation Policy:
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