AKA Clinical Supervisor Mentoring

AKA Clinical Supervisor Mentoring (Face to Face)

Denise Robinson is a qualified, approved and recognised AKA Clinical Supervisor who can assist you to obtain the 20 face to face hours required for Supervised Mentored Clinic for AKA practitioner registration.  These hours are strictly for kinesiology balances performed on members of the general public and not student to student practice. Practitioners/Students must bring a client to complete the balance on and set up the clinic space to be their own professional practice.  After your initial client balance you will swap clients with the other practitioner (if running in pairs) to complete your second balance.

Please refer to the below Supervised Clinic forms required by the AKA to be completed by both student and mentor.

Clinical Supervisor Record Form V0.2

AKA Student-Practitioner Supervised Clinic Form V0.3

linical Supervisor Mentoring Information

Mentoring Options: Face to face 1:1 or in pairs of two also available if there is two students requiring supervised mentoring at the same time

Investment: $165 inc. GST per hour

Dates & Times: Friday’s (by arrangement) – 3 hour block – 9.30 am – 12.30 pm (arrive at 9.15 am to setup your clinic!)

Process: You will bring a client with you. The first session will be run on your client then you will switch clients with the other student/practitioner attending (if running in pairs) and run a session on their client.

Cancellation Policy: Please note bookings cancelled with less than 1 weeks notice prior to the booking date or a ‘no show’ will incur a 50% cancellation fee.  Thank you for your understanding.