By The Bay Kinesiology was founded in 2005 by Denise Robinson and is one of Melbourne’s leading kinesiology clinics and accredited kinesiology training providers. We feel so privileged to have facilitated thousands of Melbournians and others from interstate and around the world to positively change their lives through Kinesiology sessions, Accredited Kinesiology Courses, Wellbeing Workshops, our Mentoring Program and Workshops plus our beautiful Emotion Charts, Reference Charts and heart-centred products.  And now we are thrilled to be able to offer you our new complete, consolidated and empowering Emotions and Metaphysical Kinesiology Practitioner Certification Training Program and our Kinesiology Instructor Training Program.

We are excited to be part of your journey to dissolve negative thought patterns, shift limiting beliefs, tackle addictions, wipe out sabotage programs and clear emotional stressors and physical symptoms including pain from your Mind, Body and Soul to give you more energy, vitality, positive thoughts, a ‘can do’ attitude, motivation and most importantly feeling free, happy, loved, worthy, light and confident to create and live the life you want to live!

‘Everything is Energy, Energy is Everything’… When there is physical pain, dis-ease, negative thoughts, anxiety, stress or any type of physical or emotional symptoms, this is the bodies way of indicating a block in a person’s energy system. Within the Chinese Medicine belief, physical symptoms are simply manifestations of emotional imbalances.

Kinesiology does not just deal with the symptoms or mask the symptoms but instead focuses on clearing the root cause of the emotional imbalance and/or symptom through the subconscious mind. We shift or clear the cause/imbalance and create optimal flow for the bodies energy system which brings the body back to equilibrium – a state of balance and harmony.

In Denise’s Kinesiology sessions she promotes authentic open and honest communication in a confidential environment whilst bringing integrity, insight and metaphors into the cause of your imbalance or health complaint. She connects with you and your soul, listens, allowing you to be heard, and is motivated and committed to providing ongoing support to her clients and believes everyone has the potential to heal themselves naturally creating a positive change in their life. To ensure you take responsibility for your healing, she provides you with home reinforcement activities to support the balance. These may include using a flower essence, affirmation, essential oil, crystal or other activities which test up as part of the session.

In her accredited Emotions and Metaphysical Kinesiology courses, Practitioner Certification Training Program and Instructor Training Program she uses practical tools to empower and educate her students, connect with their clients and make them fully understand all Kinesiological techniques and how to integrate the tools learnt into a clinic environment. She makes herself available to mentor her students and also offers an extensive in depth Kinesiologist 1:1 Mentoring Program and a Mind, Body, Soul Kinesiology Mentoring Workshop for kinesiology students and practitioners to assist them to build, grow and expand their business to the next level.

Denise has also created a ‘Mind, Body, Soul Wellbeing Workshops Series‘, these workshops target stressors seen in everyday life – depression, no energy, anxiety, stress, sleep issues, headaches and difficulty connecting to our beautiful loving hearts – and are available for community members to connect, heal, learn and grow in an intimate small group healing environment.



Denise is honoured and privileged to be featured in the Australian Kinesiology Association (AKA) ‘In-Touch’ Kinesiology Journal. To read the ‘Practitioner Profile’ article on Denise please click here to be redirected to a PDF version.

Your body reflects your thoughts, feelings, attitudes, behaviours & emotions and so emotional stress is stored and reflected in your body. Kinesiology can reduce stress, increase energy, alleviate pain and support new behaviours that improve health, well-being and vitality on all levels – Mind, Body & Soul.With Passion, Harmony, Love and Gratitude ~ Denise Robinson, By The Bay Kinesiology